Monday, November 21, 2011

My Imaginary Thanksgiving Table

I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year (nor have I ever); but if I was, my table might look something like this...

1. Fleur-de-lys juice glasses in dark yellow, $6
2. Coupe place setting in french gray, starting at $17
3. Birch napkin rings set in silver, $54
4. Hemstitch napkins in copper, $12
6. Set of pinecone candles, $29

I'm not crazy about cooking, honestly. 
So, if I were hosting Thanksgiving, I'd devote most of my time on the decor.
Still need more Thanksgiving spread inspiration?

(via Elle Decor)

(via Eddie Ross)

(via Martha Stewart)

(via Styelist)

I'm sure you've all got a beautiful and scrumptious Thanksgiving holiday feast planned for Thursday!

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  1. Eddie Ross is a table styling genius. I think I'll take it upon myself to style the family table this year. If only that got me out of preparing a dish!

  2. Beautiful imaginary table! The glasses from Anthropologie are fabulous!


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