Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favorite Things, Day 3

For today's installment of my week-long "Favorite Things" series, I thought I would take you all into the second bedroom I lovingly redecorated this past summer.

Favorite thing #4
I'd love to be able to display one-of-a-kind artwork in my home, but that doesn't exactly work with my budget right now. When I happened upon an old book on mushrooms, however, I found a set of coordinating prints that were perfect for the once-blank wall space in my guest bedroom.

These prints add a natural, albeit slightly weird, element to my guest bedroom and they are definitely some of my favorite things!

If you want to submit your favorite thing, there's still time!
Just email me by this evening with a photo of your favorite thing, a description of it, an explanation of why it makes your house a home, and where it lives in your space.
Your favorite things will appear on Meet Me in Philadelphia tomorrow!


  1. I love them! I just went through your past days of favorite things and they are great!

  2. Love them! A great way to fill up a wall. Lovin' this series!


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