Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Favorite Things

I'm so excited for today's post, and I am so happy to share with you the favorites of some of the kindest readers out there. Enjoy!

Today's first favorite comes from Anathalia, who has been a faithful reader of this blog and so, so kind in her comments. It's easy to see why Anathalia would have a soft spot in her heart for this rustic rocking chair, isn't it?

Anathalia's favorite thing

Next up: Kate's favorite.
Kate has an eye for trends because her favorite thing, an African Juju headdress, is frequently the subject of blogger lust. Apartment Therapy also wrote about these headdresses just this week.
More than just a trend though, Kate's favorite thing has a very special connection to her husband's family.

Kate's favorite thing

Kelsey's favorite thing is actually a pair of items that, together, represent family. I love that Kelsey decided to display these handpainted wooden utensils as a way to honor their meaning.

Kelsey's favorite thing

Heather, who is so kind and creative, emailed me saying that she had such a hard time all week trying to narrow down her "favorite things" to just one--isn't that great? Shouldn't we all have a home full of things we treasure?

Heather's favorite thing

Lovely local reader and blogger Kat emailed me with a fabulous repurposed yard sale find that I just love. If you get an itch to switch things up and move things around every now and then, you will love Kat's favorite thing!

Kat's favorite thing

Last, but most certainly not least, we have Naomi's favorite thing (two things, actually). 
If you're familiar with Naomi's boho-glam-world-traveler look at all, you will see how perfectly these favorite things personify her style.

Naomi's favorite thing

How awesome are these favorite things?
I love that so many of them have a direct connection with family--clearly our family connections shape so much about our homes.
Thank you so much, ladies, for choosing to share these favorites with me (and other Meet Me in Philadelphia readers). 

Now, readers, be sure to visit the fab blogs of these ladies at:

Anathalia at Scavengenius
Kelsey at A Life +1
Heather at Love Your Space
Naomi at Design Manifest

Thank you all for joining the "favorite things" party and hope you enjoyed the fun!


  1. I am loving this series! So fun to read about the special meaning behind things in people's homes.

  2. I'm dying over Kate's bedroom. SO cute!

    Thanks for including my elephant. This has been a fun week and I've really enjoyed the series :)

  3. Oh my, I LOVE Naomi's favorite thing! Great post, thank you Ashley! Now I'm off to check the blogs! ;)

  4. I have loved your series and seeing some other's favorite things. I love seeing different people's homes and their special things. Great job!

  5. What a great round up of items, all as diverse as the ladies who own them! Fun series, Ashley!

  6. What a great series! It would be very hard for me to pick one thing that's my absolute favorite.

    Found you via Design Manifest and am now following :)

  7. This is such a great idea.Seeing all of your favorite things.


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