Monday, June 20, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Trip to Impact

For the second week in a row, Adam and I stopped by one of the local Impact thrift stores (this time in Montgomeryville) and I saw so many pieces that were worthy of sharing.

Some pieces were good, some were bad, and some were downright ugly...but that's what you get in any secondhand shop, right?
First, the Good:

This misty blue velveteen parsons chair with casters (!) was $15:
With a little imagination, this chest (for $25, I think) could be so chic. Very Palm Beach:
Look past the gross pillows. The shape of this settee screamed 'island retreat'. It was in like-new condition and was $125:
This handsome and sturdy antique dresser ($250) looks like it would last well into the next century:
These shapely cream chairs were already sold when I arrived and I fumed with jealousy. Imagine adding casters to the re-stained legs...
$15 tufted moire mint headboard:
A bite-size desk and chair ($30, I recall) just made for the 6 year-old scholar in your life:
Brass candlestick vignette, anyone? 
Each piece was 95 cents!
A copy of "The World of Interiors" from 1983 (for $1). After a brief scan inside I can confirm that the interiors are, in fact, wordly and not terribly outdated 20 years later.
There were a lot of 'goods' at the Montgomeryville Impact, but the story can't just end there. Onto the Bad...

Anyone care to explain the subject of this 3' x 5' painting to me? Seriously, what is happening here?
And last, but certainly not least, the ugly. I hope you'll agree with me that this piece of art should be burned publicly to prevent any copycats. 

I shudder. Promise me you will never buy this, even if it's only $4.

What did I buy? Nothing exciting enough to share, but gathering the inspiration for this roundup was worth the trip!


  1. Great finds, once again!! I love that dresser. No idea what is going on in that painting, though!!

  2. The title of your post describes my last trip there as well. There were some really good items with lots of potential but there were some down right BAD items too. I'm wondering if the chair I passed up is still there...mmm....

  3. How fun! I love seeing what other people find at local thrift stores...thanks for sharing! And I do think those pictures need to be thrown far far away! Take care, Caroline

  4. I love Impact! The Montgomeryville store always has tons of fun furniture. I go there for the good, the bad AND the ugly. Finding hideous clowns to document is quickly becoming my specialty, lol. But on the good side, I've found lovely designer bags, brand new.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  5. I've been collecting brass candlesticks for my sister's wedding, but I'm too lazy to go out to Montgomeryville.

    Good round-up!

  6. Eeks, the art work! And the ladies canvas is so huge!

  7. Ashley, love your "good" finds, obviously not the bad or the ugly (that clown is downright frightening)!

  8. Great finds and prices! I thought things were more expensive up there, but maybe not. If you figure out the painting let me know. I think the lady in red looks a little suspicious.

  9. That velvet chair is a great find! I'd pass on the clown though ; )

  10. I would nuke that clown but the chest and headboard I would hug. And give them ice cream. And a high five.


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