Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Fran of Green Street

Today's very special blogging guest is Fran of the fabulous blog Green Street, one of my favorite daily reads. She was an early supporter of this blog and I'm forever indebted. Aside from her beautiful blog-related activities, Fran recently revealed that she's expecting! 
I'm so happy for you, Fran, and thrilled you're here today!

Thank you Ashley for inviting me to guest post while you're off busy getting hitched! :)  I'm so happy for you and your fiance (hubby when this is posted)!!!

There isn't anything more that reminds me of summer than the outdoors - gardening, outdoor entertaining, grilling, swimming, etc.  You get the drift and since I've been busy trying to re-vamp our teensy tiny patio, I thought it apropos to share some of my all time favorite patio inspirations.

I always will be a fan of teak furniture. 

Love the gravel filled patio. 

That lawn is the perfect backdrop. 

So charming.  We have a teak set just like this and I hope to do this one day.  

Love the mix of teak and iron (check out the greek details on those chairs)!

I love french doors that open onto a patio.  

I love wicker too.

How quaint. 

This patio looks so practical yet inviting.  

The lantern hanging above this patio makes it so warm and cozy.  

And, who doesn't love a good picnic bench?

So adorable! Perfect for kids!

Ahh...the perfect setting for a summer cottage!

Well, hopefully, by the time this is posted my little patio will be ready to share.  Ashley, I hope you're having the time of your life.  I can't wait until you're back so we can see pictures.  Thanks again for having me - it's been a real treat!


  1. Oh, feels like summer-time and time to eat outdoors- thanks for sharing! Take care, Caroline

  2. Love all these inspiration images, Fran. Thanks for sharing. I need to bookmark this for my future file (our backyard/deck is in serious need of a makeover, but it's way down the list right now unforuntately).


  3. That little grey cottage is darling!

  4. Gorgeous - every detail! Would love to have any of those garden/patios.

  5. Oh man! If I had a patio like any of those... I'd NEVER come in! I especially like the french door image... it's like a continuation of the dining room. Really lovely! Congrats to the both of you!!!

  6. French doors opening onto a patio are my dream. Walk out into the green...and relax....


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