Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Greece is the Word, Part 2

Ready to be whisked away to Santorini and Mykonos today, friends? 
Rather than boring you with a lot of unnecessary text, I'll just offer you a visual tour of two of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

Are your bags packed?

First we head to Santorini and, specifically, to the San Antonio hotel which is carved out of the cliffs facing the glimmering Aegean Sea.
The view from anywhere in the hotel:
Every detail is thoughtfully considered.
And the suites balance rustic naturalism with a clean, sleek modern aesthetic (notice the x-benches?).
While we're here, let's be sure to visit the nearby town of Oia, especially at sunset. This spot affords an unmatched Santorini experience. 
But we can't stay here forever...now, let's head to Mykonos, which is a short 2-hour boatride away.
Be sure to bring your sunscreen and Ray Bans--you'll need them here.
 Try not to lose too much time admiring the contrasting shutters, doors and trim as well as the beautiful bougainvillea.
 And we can stop in the local Hermes store, too, if you like:
(all pictures via me)

Hope you enjoyed your journey around Greece, because I sure did!


  1. Love the color in the shutters/trim...amazing photos!! Take care, Caroline

  2. What a dream, Ashley! Thanks for sharing your photos of this special time!

  3. Ahh I want to go! It looks absolutely amazing

  4. I got engaged in Oia at sunset so it is a really special place for me! Your pictures are gorgeous, they made me want to be there like NOW!

  5. Breathtaking, Ashley!! How'd you ever come back???

  6. Are you kidding me?? This is insanely gorgeous and I'm insanely jealous!! I want to go to there!

  7. You look so happy and pretty. And of course, Greece is looking might fine, too!


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