Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today's Guest Blogger: Noelle of Gray Paint Decor

Today, I'm lucky enough to share with you the unique perspective of one awesome blogger, Noelle of Gray Paint Decor, who also happens to be a superwoman (aka, a mother of 5!) So happy to have you here, Noelle!

Hey there, Meet Me In Philadelphia readers! I’m super pumped to be guest blogging here while Ashley honeymoons. I hope she is having a seriously relaxing vacay.
Since there is no vacay in my near future I thought it would be fun to create a little patio moodboard that I wouldn’t mind retreating to this summer. There are two sad little chairs on my patio right now, so this is a budget minded moodboard with my ulterior motive being that maybe my husband will see it and decide it simply must be ours...

How funkified is that wood chair? I love me a random offbeat chair. It currently resides, along with the mirror and the pair of rattan chairs, on my local Ventura/ Santa Barbara Craigslist.  I love Craig and his list.
As for the other sources:
Rug: Overstock
Black stools: Overstock
Chair: Ikea
Sofa: West Elm
The rug and chair are under $100, and the stools are just a whisper above. The sofa is not super budget friendly, but I liked.
Thank you so much for having me, Ashley!


  1. Thanks again, Ashley! Hope you come back rested and refreshed... xo

  2. I love the rattan chairs and the funky wood chair. We almost bought some chairs and benches like the wood chair at auction a few months ago but talked ourselves out of them, and I've been kicking myself ever since for not being more insistent.

  3. The wooden chair is very funky indeed! Love the fruit trees too! Great guest post!

  4. Great post! You always have the best design picks.


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