Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Visit to Zara Home

While in Crete, I managed to drag Adam into the local Zara Home outpost, which was so much fun. Zara Home stores, like H&M Home shops, are not open here in the U.S., so I took advantage and scoped out the cool items there were. Take a peek... 

There was one very recurrent theme across all of Zara Home's offerings in their Iraklion, Crete shop: Ikat, ikat, and more ikat.
I loved this vignette of sharp black and white items:
and the display of vibrant pink prints had me ogling:
But, more than anything, I was dying to take home this snazzy brass table lamp, which was all of $50 euros. I kept hypothesizing situations where I could double-layer my clothing on the plane ride back to make space in my suitcase for this beautiful lamp.
A fun mixture of teal ikat:
Another trend offered by Zara Home was an abundance of mercury glass and silver items.
Who needs an expensive Hermes ashtray when you can save some cash with the Zara Home version?
The Crete store was 2 full floors of fun, and upstairs displayed kitchen items, including these sharp melamine trays:
as well as adorable baby items.
(all pictures via me)

I walked away with a small blue dish to hold my rings by my bedside, as well as a pair of drawer pulls that will serve as the basis for a future project.

All in all, I thought Zara Home had some great offerings for reasonable prices (after factoring in euro-to-dollar conversions). 

And yes, I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing that lamp. 
If you're in the neighborhood of a Zara Home store in the near future, would one of you mind picking it up for me?


  1. OMG, I would have worn my bikini on the plane (much to the dismay of my fellow travelers, I'm sure!) and packed my suitcase full of those amazing textiles. I'm dying to get to a Zara Home store! Great pics, thanks!

  2. Gah, that little baby bench?! Too cute.

  3. Julie--YES! I was dying when I saw it. Everything they had for babies was adorable!

  4. Damn you Ashley bringing this unreachable eye candy to my eyes!

    I will now sit in the corner and cry. Uncontrollably. While I eat a cupcake.

  5. Hands down, I would be hitting that shop weekly! I love it allllll. I want that brass lamp!

  6. I would die to have anything Zara near me. So cool you got to visit. That lamp is too awesome!

  7. Oh- the color and pattern is amazing! I would love a store like that in the US!! Happy Friday! Caroline

  8. I would have wanted to take the entire store home with me!
    How fun!!!


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