Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If I Were Hosting a July 4th Party...

...I'd make some fun 4th-themed menu flags, like Chelsea of frolic!
(via frolic!)

...I'd nibble my way through Martha's Star-Spangled Shortcake

...I'd sport my new MYMU espadrilles
(via Gilt)

...I'd don an iconic sailor stripe shirt from Chance Co.

...and I might take a minute or two to celebrate the significance of this

What would your perfect July 4th party look like?


  1. Very cute!! I want to sport the same shirt from Chance Co. Too bad I'm preggers.....

  2. Oh, it would look so cute on you (and your pregnant belly), Fran!

  3. We are thinking about hosting a little July 4th BBQ, and if we do, I really want to make these streamers! http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/photo/209588

  4. Those streamers are so pretty! Love them!

  5. I would more than nibble my way through that shortcake:) And I love that shirt from Chance Co....great choices! Take care, Caroline

  6. What a wonderful party you would have! We're having family up for the 4th but we're going out to enjoy the fireworks, but I could at least wear that cute outfit - love the espadrilles and the striped shirt!


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